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Art + Image is the first technical imaging provider for the investigation of paintings in Denmark. With a focus on international clients and a portable imaging setup, we aim to help our customers gain valuable information about the materials, techniques, and condition of their paintings.

At the heart of Art + Image there is Camilla Perondi, conservation scientist and imaging specialist with a lifetime passion for art investigation. In more than ten years of experience, Camilla matured considerable experience in technical imaging for paintings and technical art history, studying the works by renowned artists from the Renaissance to the contemporary age.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can set up the equipment at a place of your convenience In Denmark and Europe. For projects in the Greater Copenhagen Area we usually run the imaging sessions at Kunstkonserveringen, our partner conservation studio in Kronborg.

Unfortunately, we don’t have this service. You are asked to take care of the packing, transport and insurance, if applicable.

Art + Image offers services focused on the scientific documentation of paintings, and therefore we don’t usually do commercial photography. Nonetheless, we may present you some trusted studios and freelancers who would be happy to work with you.

Our field of expertise falls in the realm of easel paintings on canvas and on board, therefore our offer for other types of objects is limited to the technical imaging documentation and consultancy with specialists in the field.

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